Metabolism ! Get it Going


Here are 8 tips for getting your metabolism running !

  1. WATER, hydrate with water to encourage the best bodily function and speed up the metabolism !
  2. Burn fat efficiently by adding essential fatty acids like flaxseed and unsaturated oils to your diet.
  3. Eating 6 small meals a day.
  4. Fiber fills you up !
  5. Don’t go past the point of being hungry, skipping meals will only trigger starvation making your metabolism slow down.
  6. Eat meals with complex carbs! Fruits & Vegetables will satisfy the needs of an active body.
  7. Each meal should include 4-5 oz of lean protein, chicken, white fish, egg whites, turkey.
  8. Supplements ! – very important for boosting the immune system and protesting against deficiencies.
** Each pound of fat burns approximately 2 calories a day**
**Each pound of muscle burns approximately 50 calories a day**

About Total Health & Wellness Coach

I am a Health & Wellness Coach, helping people achieve total Health & Wellness one personal journey at a time. I am fully committed to my clients and It is my goal to help others achieve the best health possible. E-mail me for a free consultation I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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