No more crap Kids !


Teaching your children healthy eating habits early will help protect them from harmful bad eating habits as an adult.

Greasy, over processed refined foods, sugar cereal, chocolate milk, soda, fries, hamburgers, hot-dogs, pizza are all foods that can lead to poor health as an adult.

As a parent myself, I understand the “quick” & “easy” food dilemma that us parents go through when it is time to feed our kids !

It is our job to set the example, the sooner you incorporate healthy foods into your household the sooner your children will adapt to healthier habits. You will soon notice improved mood and improved overall health.

Start by switching out sugar packed cereals with oatmeal and fresh fruit and afternoon snacks of pop-tarts and microwaved foods with baby carrots or celery w/peanut butter.

Teach your children that young bodies are constantly growing, and that eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help them be strong!

You set the example yourself, everyday 🙂


About Total Health & Wellness Coach

I am a Health & Wellness Coach, helping people achieve total Health & Wellness one personal journey at a time. I am fully committed to my clients and It is my goal to help others achieve the best health possible. E-mail me for a free consultation I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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