Meal Times (Kids)


It is key to create healthy eating habits for your child’s future, here are some tips to utilize your parenting skills at meal time !

  1. Be positive: Make meal time a positive experience and involve all members of the family. (Kids too)
  2. Be attentive: Your child needs just as much attention during meal times than any other time, don’t leave your children to eat by themselves or in front of the T.V. this will only lead to bad habits as they grow up.
  3. Repeat: remember it takes 4+ times to introduce new foods before your child accepts it, offer the same food in different ways. Don’t give up !
  4. Avoid making separate meals for children than you make for yourself, not only does this create extra work for you, but it also teaches your child that you will make only what they want. ( no child needs to eat mac & cheese for life ! )
  5. Stick to a schedule, set times for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and remember snack times should be healthy snacks ! (avoid sugar loaded fruit snacks, puddings, chips, etc)
  6. Don’t force your child to finish meals, believe it or not, this could lead to over eating as an adult.
  7. Lastly ! lead by example: Stock your kitchen with healthy food, fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks. If you only give them healthy choices you will remove the problem of choosing the sugar/calorie filled foods with the healthy choices !

About Total Health & Wellness Coach

I am a Health & Wellness Coach, helping people achieve total Health & Wellness one personal journey at a time. I am fully committed to my clients and It is my goal to help others achieve the best health possible. E-mail me for a free consultation I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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