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Green Salad with Egg Whites


Green Salad with Egg whites



3 Cups Romaine

Or 2 cups romaine and 1 cup spinach

½ of Tomato

2 Hardboiled egg whites

2 TBS Crumbled Cheese

2 TBS chopped toasted walnuts


1 TBS lemon juice

2 TBS extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp honey

Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

Your Total Health & Wellness Coach,

Robin Anderson


Romaine Chicken Tacos !


Romaine Chicken Tacos


2-3 Leafs of Romaine

4 oz cooked chicken

Quick sauté bell pepper & onion (1/2 cup total) for 7 minutes

This should make 2-3 small chicken tacos


Use the romaine as taco shells, and enjoy!




Your Total Health & Wellness Coach,

Robin Anderson

Stop Dieting and Start Living Healthy !


Diets don’t work, you may have heard this before but how many times have you started a new diet or been told that someone is starting a new diet ?

How many times have you quit a diet because it is too hard or you lost weight but gained it all back after you went off the diet ?

It is time to regain control of your eating habits and take care of you ! For many years I have tried fad diet after fad diet and the weight never stayed off, as soon as the diet is over it was back to “normal” life and eating anything. That is why making the choice to live healthy is the best solution, not only will you be eating foods that your body can actually use but you will learn how to nourish your body and feel good about what you are eating.

  • Create a menu
  • Perimeter shop: Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store, fresh produce, dairy and butcher is where you will find the healthier choices.
  • Grocery shop solo: get in and get out quickly without anyone bugging you for that candy bar or ice cream!
  • Look for and avoid hidden sugars in food
  • Read Labels
  • Avoid food made with trans fat and saturated fats
  • Always look for the highest fiber content products
these are just a few of the ways to start living healthy!
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Natural Tips for Ear Aches


Vitamin A: 50,000 IU per day for up to two days in children under six years of age. Four days in children over six years of age.

Beta-Carotene: age in years X 10,000 IU per day

Vitamin C: age in years X 50mg every two hours

Bioflavoniods: age in years X 50 mg every two hours

Zinc: age in years X 2.5 per day

humidifiers are very popular in treating ear infections.

Avoid: Milk, wheat, eggs, soy, sugar until the infection clears up.

Meal Times (Kids)


It is key to create healthy eating habits for your child’s future, here are some tips to utilize your parenting skills at meal time !

  1. Be positive: Make meal time a positive experience and involve all members of the family. (Kids too)
  2. Be attentive: Your child needs just as much attention during meal times than any other time, don’t leave your children to eat by themselves or in front of the T.V. this will only lead to bad habits as they grow up.
  3. Repeat: remember it takes 4+ times to introduce new foods before your child accepts it, offer the same food in different ways. Don’t give up !
  4. Avoid making separate meals for children than you make for yourself, not only does this create extra work for you, but it also teaches your child that you will make only what they want. ( no child needs to eat mac & cheese for life ! )
  5. Stick to a schedule, set times for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and remember snack times should be healthy snacks ! (avoid sugar loaded fruit snacks, puddings, chips, etc)
  6. Don’t force your child to finish meals, believe it or not, this could lead to over eating as an adult.
  7. Lastly ! lead by example: Stock your kitchen with healthy food, fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks. If you only give them healthy choices you will remove the problem of choosing the sugar/calorie filled foods with the healthy choices !

How to not gain weight on vacation


At home, going to the gym several times a week and eating low-calorie food 24/7 gets boring fast. But when you’re on vacation, diet and exercise take on a whole new meaning. So, the next time you leave town, leave your fitness woes behind and follow through  for once. While it’s tempting to veg out and lay around all day when you’re away, all you need is a plan and a good attitude.

Let’s get to it. Here are 9 ways to lose weight on vacation!

1. Don’t sit still :  Pack a jump rope and do 30-50 , 3 times a day.

Try staying somewhere that has a gym, get up early and go do 30 mins on the treadmill or get outside for a run !

2. Get Sleep !  it is very important to get your proper rest even on vacation, staying up late leads to over eating and late night snacking.

3. Eat light : Remember, eating large meals on vacation will only make it harder to get back on track when you get home, the goal is to maintain your weight or even lose weight while on vacation! Take the challenge 🙂

4. Pack your work out clothes !

5. Don’t skip meals : skipping meals will only slow down your metabolism!

6. Skip dessert!

7. Drinks ! everyone enjoys a couple of drinks on vacation, stick to low-calorie/sugar alcohol beverages such as, Skinny Margarita, Vodka Tonic’s, Rum & Diet, Wine.

8. Stay Hydrated ! Make sure you are getting 64 oz of water a day, this will greatly help keep you on track !

9. Don’t Stress & HAVE FUN! Vacation is not a vacation unless you leave with memories 🙂

No more crap Kids !


Teaching your children healthy eating habits early will help protect them from harmful bad eating habits as an adult.

Greasy, over processed refined foods, sugar cereal, chocolate milk, soda, fries, hamburgers, hot-dogs, pizza are all foods that can lead to poor health as an adult.

As a parent myself, I understand the “quick” & “easy” food dilemma that us parents go through when it is time to feed our kids !

It is our job to set the example, the sooner you incorporate healthy foods into your household the sooner your children will adapt to healthier habits. You will soon notice improved mood and improved overall health.

Start by switching out sugar packed cereals with oatmeal and fresh fruit and afternoon snacks of pop-tarts and microwaved foods with baby carrots or celery w/peanut butter.

Teach your children that young bodies are constantly growing, and that eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help them be strong!

You set the example yourself, everyday 🙂